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The Maldives consists of a group of 1,190 islands located in the Indian Ocean approximately 310 miles south of India. The Maldives offers seclusion, privacy, fantastic ocean views, and the most luxurious overwater villas in the World. World-class scuba diving and snorkeling also help make the Maldives a unique and fantastic beach destination. For those that dream of getting away from it all and relaxing in your own villa with endless Ocean views, there is no better place! Maldives is on the forefront of resort development. Many resorts are well known for having some of the largest and most luxurious overwater villas of any island destination. There are amazing 6-star resorts for those who are looking for the ultimate indulgence as well as a wide variety of fantastic 5-star properties. With amazing food, service, villas, and resort facilities, it is no surprise the Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking the ultimate beach resort holidays!

Transfers to resorts in the Maldives are by seaplane, speedboat, or domestic flight and speedboat. Resorts closest to the airport are accessed by speedboat and speedboats run 24-hours a day. Resorts that are outside of speedboat range are accessed via seaplane. Seaplanes only fly during daylight hours so if your international flight arrives after 5:00 PM you will be required to overnight at the Airport Hotel before transferring out to your resort the following morning. The most remote resorts are accessed via a domestic flight and then a speedboat ride. Domestic flights also run 24 hours a day.

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